About Us

Kesmet Company began its activity in 1990, having as the main business field the locksmith services. With the development of the food industry, our company has specialized in processing acid-resistant stainless steel. The expansion and the purchasing of new machines have contributed to the modernization and increasing the number of products and services. One of our main activities is commercializing stainless steel drains, gullies and furniture.


The result of our work started to be better defined by the increasing number of customers and employees.
By accumulating experience, we shortly become a leading provider of stainless steel furniture for food industry, drainage systems: stainless steel gullies, floor drains, and various types of stainless steel doors, using the most modern production methods.


The development and purchasing of new equipment and machines contributed to the modernization and introduction of new products on the market. For improving quality and increasing the range of Kesmet products, in 2008 we acquired a new production hall which was equipped with a modern Trumph laser cutter.
Currently, we are one of the leading manufacturers of interior and exterior acid-resistant stainless steel drainage systems: stainless steel floor drains and gullies.


Our offer includes stainless steel shower drains, stainless steel floor drains, drainage holes, industrial stainless steel drains and stainless steel furniture. We offer products in several standard sizes or on demand, according to your project.



With a modern machinery range, we accelerated the manufacturing process of stainless steel gullies, floor drains and furniture, reducing the costs and the time of order fulfillment.



As Kesmet business partners, we provide you high quality products. Our range marketed products consists of: industrial stainless steel drains, stainless steel floor gullies, shower drains and furniture. Being made of acid-resistant stainless steel, the benefit of these floor drains is to drain water from floors and quick and safe evacuation in the sewerage network. The drainage systems, such as stainless floor gullies or drains, are usefully in healthcare field or in areas for food industry, chemical industry, restaurants, and hospitals.

The Kesmet products meet European quality standards, a fact confirmed by the certificate obtained from PZH in Warsaw.